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Don’t Let Gluten Ruin Your Thanksgiving

November 2, 2016

By Beth Hillson
Beth blogs at

Is there a holiday that is more filled with food than Thanksgiving? Yummy treats are in store wherever you go.  Thanksgiving, after all, launches a food-packed few weeks from stuffing a turkey to stuffing your face.  Unless you are gluten free like us.  Then the season can be fraught with culinary challenges – how to make the gravy safe, recreating stuffing so even grandma would never guess it’s gluten free, and turning that favorite pumpkin pie into a special treat that everyone can enjoy.

Take comfort in knowing you are not alone. Many of us will be looking for gluten free alternatives as the holidays approach.  Thankfully, there are lots of products and information available to make that challenge easier than ever.  But you still need to be fortified to make sure you have a safe and delicious Thanksgiving.

Here are a few tips to help.

  1. Have a dialog:  If you are hosting the festivities, assign dishes with instructions and suggestions.  Mention safe brands by name and assign simple recipes that are easy to make gluten free.  For instance, ask someone to bring a fruit and cheese platter with gluten free crackers.  (Hint:  Glutino Crackers are the perfect solution.) 
  2. If you are going to someone else’s house, discuss the menu in advance.  Ask them to use gluten-free stuffing in their turkey or remind them to leave it out and offer to bring a casserole dish filled with stuffing that is safe.  Ask to make the gravy and offer to bring a pie or cake.  (Hint: Glutino’s recipe page has plenty of Holiday hacks).
  3. Holiday Baking.  What would Thanksgiving be without pie – lots of pie.  Grab a Glutino Gluten-Free Pantry Pie Crust Mix or two and fill your “homemade” crusts with the fillings you love most.  Bet you no one will guess your flaky pie crust comes from a mix that just happens to be gluten free.  And turn a Glutino Gluten-Free Pantry Muffin Mix into pumpkin bread or banana bread.  You’ll have everyone swooning and begging for the recipe.
  4. Play a little game with your guests.  Make an entirely gluten-free meal and see if anyone notices.  (Hint:  They might catch on when they see you eating everything!)
  5. Don’t play games with the menu, however.  If you are not on home turf, don’t gamble that everything will be safe for your diet.  When in doubt, don’t touch it.  To be on the safe side, have the conversation ahead of time and bring several dishes you know will be safe.
  6. Have a Deliciously Gluten-Free Thanksgiving.



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