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Eight Ways to Celebrate Thanksgivukkah

November 14, 2013

By Beth Hillson

Thanksgiving and Hanukkah land on the same day this year for the first time since 1888.  Those who celebrate both are coming up with all matter of recipes from latke (shredded potato) crusted turkey to deep-fried stuffing fritters filled with cranberry sauce.  They are grating and frying sweet potatoes to put a Thanksgiving twist on traditional potato pancakes.

But you don’t have to celebrate Hanukkah to make the Thanksgiving holiday more meaningful this year.  Here are eight ways:

(1)   Celebrate equal opportunity holidays. Make everything gluten-free. No need to do a gluten-filled version, too. Gluten-free foods are mighty tasty these days.

(2)   Let and help with the foundation for your meal:  Genius by Glutino White Bread for stuffing, Udi’s Whole Grain Dinner Rolls for the table, Glutino Gluten-Free Pantry Old Fashioned Yellow Cake Mix and Glutino Gluten-Free Pantry Perfect Pie Crust Mix as the foundation for your desserts.

Pie Crust     Yellow Cake      Genius White Bread

(3)   Crumble Udi’s Gluten Free Ginger Cookies as a topping on baked sweet potatoes or the crust for a pumpkin chiffon pie.

(4)   If some folks at your table observe Hanukkah and others don’t, light the Menorah candles before everyone arrives or let everyone participate before eating.

(5)   Thanksgiving and Hanukkah are both expressions of religious freedom.  Let the Maccabees (Hanukkah heroes) and the Pilgrims join together in thanks.

(6)   Don’t subtract a favorite menu item from either holiday. Make them both.  What’s wrong with eight days of leftovers?

(7)   Everyone loves pie so don’t forsake the apple and pumpkin specialties that have always graced your table.  Just add jelly donuts or pecan raspberry rugelach, traditional Hanukkah foods.  Turn Glutino Gluten-Free Pantry Muffin Mix into quick baked jelly muffin/donuts by spooning half the batter into muffin cups, adding a dollop of jelly, then topping with more batter.  Sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on top before baking.  Use Glutino Gluten-Free Pantry All-Purpose Flour Mix as a cup-for-cup replacement for regular flour to makeover a traditional rugelach recipe.

Muffin Mux   A/P Flour

(8)   Challenge each person to perform eight acts of kindness during the holiday season.  I’ll have more suggestions on that topic in my next blog.

Care to weigh in?  Tell us what wonderful gluten-free foods you will be bringing to the Thanksgiving table this year.  Will you be making some Thanksgivukkah recipes, too?

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