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Gluten-Free Labeling Rule is Here!

August 2, 2013

By Beth Hillson
Friday, August 2

The wait is over.  Today, the FDA released standards for gluten-free labeling and I’m dancing in the supermarket aisles.

Specifics about the new labeling rule:  It requires products bearing a gluten-free label to contain less than 20 parts per million (ppm), a level research has found to be safe for most people with celiac disease. This is the same standard adopted as part of the Codex Alimentarius in 2008, and now used in the European Union.

According to the FDA, companies are encouraged to apply these standards immediately when using gluten free on their labels.  However, companies opting to use a gluten-free label will be required to meet the 20ppm standard by August, 2014.  (It’s voluntary.)

Once in place, celiac and gluten-sensitive consumers will be able to choose products with confidence, says the American Celiac Disease Alliance, the patient advocacy group that led the decade-long effort to set a standard for gluten-free labeling.

“Creating a uniform definition for what gluten free means across all products will enable them to safely and easily navigate through the ever-expanding gluten free product aisles,” said TJ McIntyre, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Boulder Brands, the parent company of Glutino and a member of the ACDA.

The standard will also dramatically reduce the amount of time celiac and gluten-sensitive consumers spend contacting companies to obtain the information necessary to determine if a product is safe.

In an ever-expanding gluten-free market where, last year, sales reached $4.2 billion dollars, the gluten-free label will make all the difference.  I feel like now manufacturers will share the responsibility of helping me find safe, gluten-free foods.

It’s time to party!!!

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