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Learn to Love Leftovers

March 16, 2015

Learn to Love Leftovers

By Tracy Bush Nutrimom – Food Allergy Liason

Regardless of what time of year it is, life is a constant balancing act. Schedules, work, irish soda bread - tracyfamily, holidays and of course, cooking. Are you cringing at the mere mention of it? The pressure of trying to stay healthy while nourishing your family on a budget can be downright exhausting at times. What is the easiest way to combat the never-ending question of “What are you making to eat?” It could be easier than you think. Many of the answers are already right in your kitchen.

croutons tracyLearn to Love Leftovers Rather than the typical “reheat and eat”, think about different ways to use up those leftovers in your fridge. They tasted great the first time around but what if you could make them taste even better the second time around? By recreating, you are introducing your family to being open to anything and everything in the world of food. In your kitchen, there are no rules and you should never feel as if your options are limited, even with food allergies. With the wide variety of Glutino products, your brainstorming and morsels, you can learn to love your leftovers possibly even more than the original meals themselves.

Embrace the Love Not sure of what to use or how to begin? Simply see what leftovers apple- tracyare lurking and open your mind to other possibilities. The gluten free Irish Soda Bread that is not soft enough to enjoy anymore but not ready to be thrown away can be made into croutons for a crunchy but slightly sweet treat. Eat them justapple cinnamon as they are, use them in a salad or create a delicious Stuffed Baked Apple with them. You might not always be successful with new recipes but unless you try, you will never know what new family favorites are born from those second-hand suppers. Dig out all of those forgotten kitchen utensils and start utilizing them in a whole new light. Appreciate your utensils and they will love you back.

Balance the Love One of the most important things in staying healthy is balancing as many aspects in your life as you are able too. This includes trying to incorporate different varieties with your meals as well. Use food as your map to eating yourself healthy. Put a twist on those St. Patrick’s Day leftovers to enjoy some brand new gluten free meals. Cooked cabbage leaves can be rolled up with leftover shredded corned beef, sliced avocado and some crushed Glutino Sesame Pretzels for lunch on the go.  If wraps are not your cabbage-tracything, how about a Corned Beef Falafel salad topped with those croutons that you just made? New food combinations can be used as a way to refocus your mindset as well as relieving everyday monotony. Food should be fun, not boring.


Share the Love Remember to get everyone involved when it comes to food preparation, meal plans and eating. When a family comes together in the kitchen, it’s the heart of the salad falafelhome and it builds a new place of togetherness rather than stress. Invite friends over to see who can come up with the most unique ideas and incorporate gluten free and allergy-friendly options so everyone is safe, informed and most importantly, fed well. As I have said repeatedly- If you say that life and celebration is not about food, you are wrong. It IS about finding the right foods that are healthy and safest. Food is not something that tears us apart, it brings us together. After all, this is how I have connected with all of you.


tracy photoAbout the Author

Tracy Bush is the founder and President of Nutrimom, Inc., also known as Nutrimom – Food Allergy Liason. As a Consultant, Author and mother of food allergies she specializes in bridging the gap by providing guidance and support for anyone who has been diagnosed with food allergies. Her expertise includes a variety of ways for supporting the food allergy community and continues to expand. For more information about what she does as well as her ebook “The Stepping Stones to Food Allergies” at

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