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Touchdown Toaster Pastries

February 8, 2013

Call me jaded but I’ve tasted a LOT of gluten-free products in my lifetime.  So when I opened a box of Glutino Toaster Pastries, I did not expect to be wowed.  Nor did I anticipate the flood of memories that harkened back to my gluten-filled childhood when Pop Tarts® were standard breakfast fare.

So with a bit of ennui, I opened the foil and instinctively slid the toaster pastry into my toaster oven.  After all, that’s what we did when I was a child.  Glutino Toaster Pastries can actually be eaten without toasting, I noticed later.

The first tip off that this might exceed my expectation – – it didn’t crumble or break when I transferred the pastry from the pouch to the toaster.  It toasted to a golden hue and I removed it to a napkin to cool slightly.  Again, no breakage.

Then I broke off a piece.  This one had an apple cinnamon filling.  “Wow.” I thought.  These are flaky, really delicious and not cloyingly sweet.  I told myself I would eat only half, even though each one is only 160 calories.   But one bite led to another and another and I ate the WHOLE THING.

The next day, I tried a strawberry Toaster Pastry.  This time I was sure I could stop at half. I broke off a piece, then another.  Before I knew it, I had eaten the WHOLE THING again.

As I nibbled, I reflected on what a wonderful addition this is to our gluten-free choices.  There really is nothing like it.  And for a moment, I was wistful.  “Too bad we didn’t have these when my son was a child,” I thought.  But as an adult, I am sure he’ll still enjoy them and I’ll try to save one for him – maybe.

I think Glutino has scored a touchdown with Toaster Pastries.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s one more left and it’s calling my name.

Beth Hillson

P.S. I hear these will be available in stores all over the U.S. by May 1.

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