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Treat Yourself to a Gluten-Free Friendly Halloween

October 28, 2013

By Beth Hillson

Halloween can play tricks on you if you have a child who needs a gluten-free diet.  Milky Ways, Twizzler Twists, Kit Kat Bars, and even some M & M products (M & M’s Pretzel Chocolates) can be downright scary if they land in your gluten-free trick-or-treater’s bag.  (Yes, these contain wheat.)

You’ll want to create a list of safe candies and safeguards for you and your child.  Here are a few tips we used when my son was partaking in this ghoulish fest.

We rehearsed his favorites that were safe so he could treat himself to a candy or two (or three or four) while he was trick-or-treating.  Luckily his favorites were Starbursts and Skittles, both safe choices.  We also practiced candy recycling in our house.  I kept a stash of my son’s favorite treats and traded with him – - treat-for-treat – - as he sorted through his treasures.  The unsafe candy was donated to a food shelter.

And I stocked up on safe gluten-free food to offer my son and his friends before they canvassed the neighborhood.  A quick snack is just about all you’ll get the little goblins to eat.  My go-to choice was always pizza.  A Glutino Gluten-Free Pizza (ready to heat and serve) or a make-your-own pizza with Glutino Premium Pizza Crusts is perfect.

At the end of the evening, my house was always Halloween central.  When we got back after trekking up and down our hilly streets, I made hot spiced cider for the parents; the kids got warm cocoa.  And I picked up some snacks to have on hand – - a box of Glutino Breakfast Bars (not just for breakfast) or Glutino Organic Bars; Chocolate/Vanilla Crème Cookies or Vanilla Crème cookies.  These are great with hot drinks – - in case someone in your crowd is still hungry.  And they are handy in case a gluten-free trick-or-treater comes by and you are out of safe candy.

Several sites provide a list of safe candy including Jules Gluten Free and Celiac Disease Foundation.

My final word:  Have a Happy, Safe, Gluten-Free Halloween and watch out for Zombies and witches!

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