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Treat Yourself with a Back to School Brunch

August 27, 2015
By Tracy Bush - Nutrimom



Most parents love to come up with back to school recipes for their ever-hungry children. It’s a yearly routine that sends them off to school with safe, tasty treats as well as some homemade love.  Summertime can be stressful- there has been a repetition of cooking, eating and doing dishes. Just about the time when you begin to base most of your family’s meals on reliable frozen items, the school year begins in the nick of time.  But what about the parents? Having special treats for moms and dads can be just as important as what is being dished up for children so why not enjoy your own special recipes as well?

Eggs Benedict Reborn: Protein is the key to optimal brain function (which, after the summer parents can seek a little more help with!) and it’s often something that many people get stuck in a food rut with. It’s very typical for meals to be the same old thing week in and week out. Don’t forget that food can be used in anyway that you want too. Take your favorite recipes and tweak them to make a healthier version of what you are craving. Instead of ordering Eggs Benedict, try an Avocado Fixins Bar.


To enjoy: Roast your avocado by slicing in half, removing the pit and spraying lightly with olive oil. Roast at 400° until brown. Choose an avocado, pick your favorite toppings and enjoy.

The Fruit Platter: Fruit is always refreshing and healthy to have and is very often a staple of a brunch menu. But how about having your fruit and protein combined? Slice clean strawberries in half; create a small area to fill using the small end of a melon baller and fill using coconut whipped topping. You instantly have a delicious fruit item accompanied by a dollop of protein. Those occasional broken pieces of Glutino Animal Graham Crackers that you find in the bottom of the package? Sprinkle them on top for a gluten free, fast and healthier version of strawberry shortcake. Not to mention the fruit platter went from bland to almost gone.


Bloody Mary’s: Rather than drink a Bloody Mary, eat a Bloody Mary! Prepare your taste buds for a flash of spiciness:


Dessert is a Must: There is always a selection of items to satisfy the sweet tooth on a brunch menu as well. So what option is left for those busy parents with children in school? Lemon Cake Cookies. You’ll be surprised at how simple it is:

  1. To Prepare:  Preheat the oven to 350°. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside.
  2. Place the lemon wafers in a mini chopper and grind.


Prepare the yellow cake mix as directed. (Please note that I used powdered egg replacer and dairy free milk and it was perfect). Place a spoonful of prepared cake batter onto the parchment paper leaving a two inch gap for cooking expansion (do not place more than two side by side).  Spray the bottom of a large round glass with coconut oil (extra protein!) and gently press down to flatten the batter.  Top with crushed lemon wafers and gently press into the cookies to ensure the crumbs remain. Bake for approximately 15 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean. Cool on a wire rack and store any leftover in an airtight container.

Parent Guilt: This will be a very possible side effect but it’s completely normal. As parents, we often become a parent rather than remember that we are an individual and not just someone’s mother or father. Keep in mind that having your own special times, foods and traditions is acceptable and highly recommended. A happy parent molds a happy family and so do good meals!

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