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Camp Glutino

July 23, 2014

By Beth Hillson   Gladys and Gertrude

I was long overdue for a visit to Gladys and Gertrude.  Gertrude had sent me a text to say Gladys had the flu.  I was a bit concerned.  The girls never get sick.  I told her I hoped it wasn’t the swine flu.  Gertrude assured me it was probably just the plain old bird flu.  I brought chicken soup, er, make that vegetable soup, and a box of tissues, as requested.  Was Gladys actually going to blow her nose, I wondered.  (Do hens even have noses?) I was deep in thought when my cell phone rang.  It was Patrick from Glutino.

After my visit to the barnyard, I was supposed to be heading to Camp Glutino to join the team for a camp outing.  It was going to be idyllic.  Beautiful weather was in the forecast.  Not a cloud in sight.  I reminded the team about the torrential rains of my past camping expeditions.  They were insistent that they would bring me good luck and good weather. Patrick promised to cook a great gluten-free breakfast for the team.

Gladys wanted all the details.  Tents or cabins?  Lake or ocean; maybe a water park?  Turns out Gladys loves water parks – - even has tiny little water wings she wears when she goes down the water slide.

I nodded.  “There’s a water park nearby,” I told her.  I really needed to see this bird splashing around at a water park. 

How about wild life?  She told me she’s not keen on foxes or large birds but gets along with most water fowl.  I told her the area was pretty tame and might have a swan or two, maybe even a cute mallard.

I was deep in imagining this black and white Bantam on a rubber raft when I heard my name called.

Patrick!  I had nearly forgotten that I asked him to hold while I delivered the soup and tissues to Gladys.

“Beth, can you pick up some fresh eggs for breakfast?”

I looked at the girls.  They were clucking with excitement.  Gladys waddled off to the hen house and was back in a flash with bright yellow water wings in her beak.

“Looks like you are feeling better,” I said.

I looked from Gladys to Gertrude and back. “Patrick, I think I can cover that,” I said.

I pushed the sleeping bag and the tent to one side and made room on the back seat of my car for two hen crates.

“Girls, how would you like to go to Camp Glutino?” I asked.