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Gluten Detecting Dogs

September 30, 2014

By Beth Hillson Is gluten going to the dogs?  After reading an article in, I think maybe it has.  The article is about Willow, a German Shorthaired Pointer, who is a gluten detection dog. Dawn Scheu began experiencing symptoms of gluten intolerance almost a decade ago. Back then doctors were alternately diagnosing her with irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease,   …Read More

Food Fights

September 29, 2014

By Beth Hillson Is it ever okay to fight over food when the person you love is not following their diet? The short answer is “No!” Perhaps we know what is best for our child who is cheating on his or her gluten free diet or the sister or brother who knows he or she needs to be tested and   …Read More

Petit Fours For Fall

September 27, 2014

By Beth Hillson Makes 35 squares These delicate, bite-size cakes will spruce up any fall gathering.  In fact, use this technique to celebrate any occasion or holiday by changing the decoration on the little cake squares.  Your guests will think you worked all day when, truthfully, the secret to success starts with a box of Glutino Gluten Free Pantry Old   …Read More

Fed or Fed-Up

September 24, 2014

By Beth Hillson I read a post about a San Francisco restaurant that put an end to fussy customers by temporarily shutting its door. Perhaps you saw it, too.  Tired of customers’ picky food requests and gluten allergy, the restaurateur posted this sign:  “We are closed because of you (customers). Yes we use MSG, we don’t believe in organic food,   …Read More