Eggs in a Basket



  • 2 pieces of Genius by Glutino Bread
  • butter or margarine
  • 2 egg



Bread Prep Cut 1 hole in the middle of each of your two slices of bread.  Spread your butter or margarine on one side of the bread slices. Then crack the eggs into a bowl and mix the eggs until they are beaten together.

Cooking Eggs in a Basket Take a medium sauce pan and heat on a medium-low stove setting. While the pan is heating add butter/margarine to the bottom of the pan, and heat until the melted butter covers the pan. Once there is a layer of melted butter, take the bread slices and place them in the pan with the butter side of the bread face up. Then take the egg mix and pour an even amount into each hole within the bread. Wait until the egg is half cooked and has adhered to the bread, then flip the bread over and allow the other side of the egg to cook. Serve warm and add pepper or salt as needed. Enjoy!

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