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Those of us who live the gluten-free life have chosen a more healthful, mindful way of living – we’re here to inspire you to live fully. So, whether it’s a recipe, a tip, or a new way to look at the world around you, we hope to help you be at your very best.

Best Beach Bags

July 7, 2015

Summer means time to head to the beach! We’re all in need of the perfect bag that carries everything from towels to toys to gluten free snacks. We’ve rounded up our favorites from around the web: Preferred Nation Beach Cooler: Perfect for parties or a day at the beach, the bottom insulated cooler holds 12 cans. Target Women’s Canvas Tote Handbag: More ››

Red, White and Blue Cookie Pizza

July 2, 2015

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… 4th of July ranks up there as one of my very favorite holidays. How can you not love a day of outdoor fun, patriotism, cold watermelon, drippy ice cream, family & friends, bathing suits, citronella candles, and twilight fireworks. It has all of the major elements of a great day and More ››

Glutino Backyard Scavenger Hunt

June 16, 2015

Summer is here.  Some days we have plans, and other days we get creative! Have fun in your own backyard with this scavenger hunt we made.   It’s family friendly and kid approved! Right click to save the photo for printing!

Gluten Free Picnic Essentials

June 11, 2015

It’s that time of year to be outside, and on a beautiful day there is nothing quite like a picnic. Here’s a list of the essentials for the perfect picnic: 1. Pack it.  Go lunchbox style- sandwiches, sliced fruits & veggies, and top it all off with your favorite Glutino snacks and desserts. Don’t forget to pack plenty of water! 2. Transport it. Keep More ››



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