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Those of us who live the gluten-free life have chosen a more healthful, mindful way of living – we’re here to inspire you to live fully. So, whether it’s a recipe, a tip, or a new way to look at the world around you, we hope to help you be at your very best.

13 Tips for Staying Sane on Black Friday

November 24, 2015

Black Friday: two words that bring eager anticipation to some and overwhelming dread to others. The biggest shopping day of the holiday season not only offers the best deals, but also draws the largest crowds. When you combine the limited time offers with the long lines of people, you could be facing a recipe for disaster. To help beat the More ››

Setting a Beautiful & Simple Thanksgiving Table


Preparing a Thanksgiving meal is no easy task. Add the feat of envisioning and executing a perfectly adorned table with festive decorations, and the Thanksgiving holiday may seem nearly impossible to conquer.  This year, leave your worries of a failed feast behind! Here are three beautiful and simple Thanksgiving table ideas that won’t break the bank and are guaranteed to More ››

Taking Cookies from Friends

November 20, 2015

By Beth Hillson Something I saw on the celiac listserv recently caught my attention.  It’s one of those, this-has-happened-to-me situations in which someone makes me a personal treat, a gluten-free cookie or cake or bar, and I find myself speechless.  Here’s why.  Yes, I am filled with gratitude that this person has gone to so much trouble to make something More ››

Thanksgiving Pizza Cut-Outs


By Beth Hillson Blogger at Makes 30 to 40 bites (depending on the size of the cookie cutters) Here’s the perfect nosh to offer drop in guests and holiday diners. These pizza bites are unique and delicious.  Use cookie cutters to create mini pizzas in seasonal shape like the maple leaves and pumpkin patch pumpkins here.  The cut-outs can More ››



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