At Glutino, we know that living gluten free doesn’t stop at mealtime. Being gluten free is a way of life and we’re to help you every step of the way.

That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce The Glutino Gluten Free GurusTM, a yearlong effort to help guide you on your gluten free journey. Throughout the year, we’ll be collaborating with a team of established gluten free experts to share seasoned advice on sustaining the gluten free life not only at the dinner table but while participating in everyday activities like traveling, shopping and hitting the gym.

Guru Spotlight
Lauren-Lucille Vasser, Beauty Guru



Gluten Free beauty expert, Lauren Lucille Vasser is Glutino’s Beauty Guru. Lauren started The Celiac Diva, an online show and blog dishing “all things gluten free,” in March 2010. Her passion for the gluten free community started after she discovered that gluten was the root of her severe health problems. This conclusion came after a long, 5 year journey and 75 doctors. And even though it was a total shock, she knew this diagnoses was a gift of hope! So, after learning all she could, Lauren set out to share her knowledge with others and to spread the word that being gluten free isn’t your problem, it’s your solution. Thus, “The Celiac Diva” was born!

As a part of her journey, Lauren also began researching the subject, and products, of gluten free beauty. According to Lauren, “It’s been an amazing ride. I’ve met most of the gluten free makeup companies in person, had lengthy discussion with them and tried out oodles of their products. I’ve learned so much about why I feel gluten free beauty is important in the gluten free lifestyle. I’m really grateful and excited to share this knowledge as one of The Glutino Gluten Free Gurus.”
When she’s not blogging, Lauren is thriving in Colorado Springs, CO as a wife, mom, singer/songwriter and a seeker of all things chocolate.

For more insights from Lauren, follow her @TheCeliacDiva or “like” her Facebook page.

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Guru Spotlight
Fitness Guru: Dasha Gaiazova



We’re thrilled to kick things off with expert fitness advice from Dasha Gaiazova, a cross-country skier competing for Team Canada in Sochi this winter. Dasha, a two-time World Cup medalist, draws from her personal experience as an athlete with celiac disease to offer tips on maintaining a fit, active gluten free lifestyle. Whether you’re readying for a global stage or trying to get, or stay in shape, Dasha is here to help!

To keep up with Dasha, follow her on Twitter @ski_Dash.

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