Quick Caramel Apple Bites

Gluten Free

Quick Caramel Apple Bites

These quick Gluten Free Caramel Apple Bites make an easy, fun and adorable gluten free recipe to enjoy making with your friends and family!




  • 2 cups caramel sauce, heated in sauce pan
  • 2 cups chocolate sauce, heated in sauce pan
  • 2 granny smith, or other tart apples, cut into 16 slices
  • 16 wooden sticks
  • 1 bag Glutino Fudge Covered Pretzels, crushed
  • 1 bag Glutino Yogurt Covered Pretzels, crushed


  1. Cut the apples into 16, equal sized wedges
  2. Insert wooden sticks at base, make sure they’re stuck on well
  3. Dip about 1/2 the apple wedge into the caramel or chocolate
  4. Lay on a baking sheet lined with buttered wax paper
  5. Sprinkle the crushed covered pretzels on the dipped apple wedges while still warm
  6. Wait until cool, and enjoy!